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Reigate Salon

36 Church Street, Reigate, RH2 0AJ

Ph : 01737 240176

Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 21.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am to 18.00 pm
Sunday Closed

Gemma  | Senior Specialist

Gemma | Senior Specialist

Hairdressing experience; 20 years

I get my inspiration from; My work ethic from my family & my hairdressing from my team, the internet & celebrities

The best thing I love about my job is; Working as a team, meeting new clients. Everyday is different, always learning new things

My claim to fame is; I was the face of Epsom Downs ladies day

My special talents are; Cutting, colouring & making you feel fab

My greatest fear is; Spiders

Mon 12-9pm Weds 9-6pm

Sarah  | Senior Specialist

Sarah | Senior Specialist

Hairdressing experience; 10 years

I love to; Spend time with my familly & have nice holidays

I get inspiration from; My parents who taught me to work hard for what I want

The best thing I love about my job is; Making people feel amazing

Currently on maternity

Lucie  | Senior Specialist

Lucie | Senior Specialist

Hairdressing experience; 8 years

My favourite film; Beauty & the beast

I get my inspiration from; Pinterest, Instagram & my Charlie Brown team

The best thing I love about my job is; Working with my team & helping clients feel great & love their hair

My claim to fame; I used to go on SMTV Live every Saturday when I was 12

My special talents are; I can pop my hip out of place

My greatest fear; Rats, ghosts & anything supernatural

Mon 12-9 Tues D/O Weds 12/9 Thurs 9-6 Fri 9-6 Sat 9-6

Sophie  | Consultant

Sophie | Consultant

Hairdressing experience; 3 years

I love to; Sing, let my hair down & go on city breaks.

I get my inspiration from; My team members at Reigate

The best thing about my job is; Being hands on & meeting new people.

My greatest fear; Spiders

Mon 12-9 Tues 12-9 Weds 9-6 Thurs D/O Fri 9-6 Sat 9-6

Danielle  | Consultant

Danielle | Consultant

Hairdressing experience; 18 years

My favourite book is; Twighlight

I get my inspiration from; Social media & celebrity hairdressers

The best thing about my job; Making someone feel amazing

My claim to fame is; I met Peter Andre.

My greatest fear; Drowning, bees & being in a plane crash.

Tues 12-9pm Weds 9-6pm Thurs 9-6pm Fri 12-9pm Sat9-6pm

Claudia  | Stylist

Claudia | Stylist

My favourite film; Matilda

I get my inspiration from; Instagram, Facebook & the team I work with

The best thing I love about my job is; Learning everyday

My special talents are; Singing in the shower.

My greatest fear is; Wasps, bees & spiders

Mon 12-9pm Tues 9-6pm Weds 12-9pm Thurs 9-6pm Sat 9-6pm

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