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At the Charlie Brown Academy, we are passionate about what we do. Working alongside Cheynes Training in Scotland we strive to deliver the best quality training for individuals at every level. Housed in our Wallington Branch, we believe ongoing education is why we as a company and as individuals thrive, we always use our own stylists that are working on the floor to train our students.

NVQ Level 2 is designed for school leavers wanting to gain a qualification to become a hairdresser and is the primary certificate designed to achieve that goal, earning while you are learning. As an apprentice you would ideally join at 16years if hairdressing is your calling, although some do start later. 90% of Charlie Brown Apprentices attending this course are offered positions as Graduate Stylists where they continue to develop their skills and continue onto the higher NVQ Level 3 qualification if they wish to.

NVQ Level 3 Candidates at Charlie Brown have thrived on this course and especially enjoy the unit which involves creating 3 models to participate in a competition, photo shoot and presentation to an audience. Level 3 is achieved whilst working as a stylist with a clientele.

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  • If you are interested in joining one of our successful teams as a Stylist or Apprentice, please send in your CV or contact one of our branches directly.
  • If you already work in other hairdressing employment and wish to train with us 1 day a week then either yourself or your employer please contact Head office. or

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