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OLAPLEX, the salon treatment all colour addicts need!

Posted on 25 September 2015

OLAPLEX, the salon treatment all colour addicts need!

We are pleased to announce we are one of the first Surrey salons to introduce the new and revolutionary OLAPLEX to all our clients! This is what we have been waiting for, to be able to offer an even better colour service upgrade to all our clients. OLAPLEX will be mixed in to your colour and while processing, reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair! Ask for a colour upgrade on your next visit!

OLAPLEX is going to make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour will last longer. OLAPLEX is free of silicones, sulphates, oils, aldehydes and parabens and is not tested on animals.

It can also be used to prepare colour damaged hair for future changes, before a keratin treatment or a as standalone treatment.

Please note a skin test is required 48hrs before a colour service if this is you first Colour service with Charlie Brown Hair.

Nano Keratin Blow-dry

Posted on 25 September 2015

HELP!!! Its the Hair Bear Bunch!

With the wetter climates fast approaching, so many clients have the dreaded fear that rears its ugly head every year!
THE FRIZZ! (can sometimes be referred to as 'Fluff' or 'Fuzz')
With an untold amount of 'de-frizzing' products with a list of benefits as long as your arm its so difficult to decide which is best!

In 2009/2010 Brazilian blow-dries took off in the UK and it was rare to come across a salon that didn't do them but then came the onslaught of negative reviews and its life in the salon became relatively short lived.
But thankfully there's a product out there that has the smoothing effect of a Brazilian without the damage and harmful ingredients!

What is it? Well its the Nanokeratin system!
What does it do? re-defines the natural state of your hair!
How long does it last? Up to 16 weeks!

The Nanokeratin system rejuvenates and smoothes, resulting in healthy, silky, frizz free hair! Making hair take up to 70% less time to dry

How does it work?
Basically if you were to take an individual hair strand it would have small holes in it. Naturally these holes allow water to get in, and your hair holds this water- even after your hair is dried and straightened, this microscopic holes are still carrying water. So its no wonder whenever your hair hits that, mist, fog, humidity or rain that the water escape and so kindly returns your hair back to the frizzy state it was before you had spent 45 drying and straightening. Nanokeratin acts as a poly filler by filling and sealing over those holes with protein hence leaving it smoother and preventing the frizz as well as cutting down that blow dry time (your hair is no longer holding water, its holding protein- pure goodness for your hair)

Can it be used on any hair type?
Its suitable for all hair types but is especially effective for damaged, coarse or chemically treated hair. If you have coloured hair, you have to have the Nanokeratin system done either 2 weeks before, or 2 weeks after a colour service. However, for the best result we always recommend getting the colour and Nanokeratin done on the same day.

The process!
The process as a whole takes about 2 hours. Firstly the hair is shampooed and cleansed of all products once towel dried the Nanokeratin system is applied layer by layer on tiny sections and worked in to the hair, then left to set into the hair for about 45 minutes any excess moisture is then removed and the hair is straightened with the Nanokeratin system strengtheners for the next 2-3 days hair is to be kept down and in its straightened state in cannot be washed.

What do i do after?
To enhance the life of the blow-dry Nanokeratin advice using their intensive post treatment shampoo which is sulphate free and contains keratin to protect against harmful rays. Another brilliant fact about the Nanokeratin blow dry, is that although it lasts for 6 months, the more you have it done the more effective it will be. So the Nanokeratin particles even though the majority fades off through time, does still cling onto those little holes meaning a build up of Nanokeratin is a GOOD thing.

Is it expensive?
Not much more than a colour would cost and nowhere near as expensive as a Brazilian

Can i have a Nanokeratin blow-dry if i still want to wear my hair in a natural wave or curl?
Yes unlike a Brazilian Nanokeratin smoothes the hair without straightening allowing people with wavy and curly hair to still style as normal

Repunzal - Micro-ring Extensions

Posted on 25 September 2015

Micro-ring Extensions

Micro-ring hair extensions have been around for a while now, but so many people are still unsure of how they work, the upkeep, and how they're different to the old fashioned bonded extensions! With so many different hair types on the market its difficult to know what to choose...

Here's the full Lowdown on how it all works!

10 key facts about micro-ring hair extensions

1- No heat no glue (NO DAMAGE)
Unlike Bonded hair extensions, micro-ring uses a small metal ring (with silicon lining for kindness to your hair) that is clamped into the hair along with the extension and a section of your own hair.

2- Quick application - gone are the days of sitting for hours in the salon
A full head (usually around 200 extensions) on average takes about 2 hours to do, however this does vary depending on the thickness of the natural hair.

3. Easy to maintain - as wearable in your office as they are on holiday
Apart from your head being a little heavier than normal, hair micro rings are styled, washed and used in exactly the same way! Maintenance is needed every 6-8 weeks depending on how well you look after the hair. During a maintenance appointment the rings are moved back up to the root of the hair as well as reapplying any extensions that have come out during that time ( it is normal to loose up to 20% of your hair extensions within a 6 week period)

4. Suitable for almost ANY hair type- adding not only length but thickness
Most people have extensions to add length to the hair but did you know that ladies with fine hair perhaps not wanting meters of hair dragging behind there back can also get extensions and have them cut to the same length and style of their own hair to create body and volume.

5. Hair lasts up to 12 months depending on the type chosen
Whilst there are over 50 types of hair you can buy, sourced from countries all over the world these are our 3 favourites and most popular;

Indian hair - lasts up to 4 months
Eu 16 hair -lasts up to 6 months
Russian hair- lasts up to 12 months

6. Easy to remove
When you decide that its time to take the extensions out the micro-rings are simply popped back open and the extension is removed, which can take as little as 30 Min's to remove an entire head.

7. Injection of self esteem given in a matter of hours
For people that have been trying to grow there hair for a while (or since they were 5 years old like me!) and seem to be getting nowhere, or equally for people with fine hair that just want a volume boost, Extensions can make you feel although your carrying an entire new head of hair and your confidence levels will be improved dramatically (that's a Charlie Brown promise!)

8. Natural looking
We all remember the famous Britney Spears shots of her extremely poor weave, that is defiantly a thing of the past, Micro-rings are so seamless, flowing beautifully with you're own hair with a professional cut to finish the look you can rarely notice that anybody has got them in at all!

9. Affordable cost
At Charlie Brown consultations are free,the stylist matches your hair to the correct extension colour as well as going through pricing, assessing your hair to ensure the correct extension method has been chosen and discussing which hair type is best for you.

10. The most popular type of hair extension on the market
With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, and Frankie (from the Saturdays), Rhianna, and Sam Faires endorsing micro-ring extensions, its no wonder they are so popular!

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